Health Equipment Lending Program

Through our Health Equipment Lending Program (H.E.L.P), we lend donated medical equipment and supplies to Lake County seniors.  All items are donated to the Council on Aging by people in our community.  We clean and organize the donations and lend them to those who otherwise would need to purchase the equipment.  Donated equipment should be clean and in good condition; we will provide a letter of receipt for donated items.  Anyone receiving equipment or supplies will need to sign a waiver of liability when picking up the item(s).  We strongly recommend you call ahead to see if the equipment you need is available.   See the box on the right-hand side of this page for the list of items we lend as well as accept for donation.  


Equipment Available for Lending or Use

 grade stainless
 steel grab bars
 Toilet Seats
-Tub Seat/Tub

Items Not Accepted

-Bed Rails
-Hospital Beds 



For more information....

Please contact us at 440-205-8111 or email