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How to Live to be Over a 100 Years Old

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be over 100 years old and how people who have reached that milestone have done it? Here are some recent “tips” from a variety of people born before 1912! On keeping a positive attitude: Don’t dwell on the tough times; Forgive, you have to forgive; Serve other people; and Try not to think about it; just let life come. On eating and drinking: I’m not going to give up my coffee!; Hershey’s Kisses and peanut butter top my list; I adore cakes and pies—especially banana cream; and Bacon? You bet!

On staying alert and active: I like to get out in the fresh air every day; I love to watch baseball—I yell “Go,go,go” at the TV; I correspond with a lot of family and friends; I like to get out and see folks. On the past: I have to remember that those who have passed on are in peace; Just let go, it’s very sad if you don’t forgive; We have to make peace with what we have done; It’s best not to worry about regrets, live each moment as it comes. Whether you want to live to be over 100 or not, this advice is well worth considering for all of us!